Island Fortress – Character Art

The character art was always going to be based on real people. It was part of the brief and one of the reward levels for backing the game on Kickstarter. So right from the start I knew I needed to be painting in a style that would let me render realistic people and leave a […]

Island Fortress – Region Boards, Wall Tiles and Score Towers

The region tiles needed to feature a wrap around tileable graphic so the boards could be placed next to each other seamlessly. The original theme of the game had been “building the great wall of china” so regions in that theme were much more vast and seperate concepts. I figured the idea of bays or […]

Island Fortress – Tokens

Here are some of the more cogent considerations I noticed swirling around in the back of my mind as I was developing the tokens (and I’d think they’ll also apply to most of the components). Practicality – To be conscious of production costs, aim for minimum fiddliness and no unnecessary bits. Tokens should ideally make […]

Island Fortress – Cover Development

Playing around To the right is the very first sketch I made – didnt put too much conscious thought into it – just playing to get a sense of atmosphere and ideas for the composition. After some other experiments I pretty quickly decided that a pyramid based composition (as this sketch has) would work well. […]