PolyHero Dice

Our Kickstarter is Live from May 20th to June 11th 2015. My brother Greg and I have been working on this for around a year, slowly working to make the best product we can from some quirky and fun ideas about what dice can be.

Island Fortress – Cover Development

Playing around To the right is the very first sketch I made – didnt put too much conscious thought into it – just playing to get a sense of atmosphere and ideas for the composition. After some other experiments I pretty quickly decided that a pyramid based composition (as this sketch has) would work well. […]

D&D – Samiah the Shark

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I haven’t played DnD in quite a while, so when I played again relatively recently I decided to do a drawing of my character. This is Samiah Doon, he is a Shifter (from the Eberron universe), a were-shark of sorts. From a young age he was in the charge of a priest who had supressed […]