D&D – Samiah the Shark

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I haven’t played DnD in quite a while, so when I played again relatively recently I decided to do a drawing of my character.

This is Samiah Doon, he is a Shifter (from the Eberron universe), a were-shark of sorts. From a young age he was in the charge of a priest who had supressed his shark nature, but one fateful night the priest’s ship was wrecked and Samiah was not-so-miraculously the only survivor. Many years later and Doon now live as a bounty hunter – lurking like death in the suitably murky depths of  the city of Sharn.

I enjoyed working on his hood and the impression of a human face emerging from the mouth of a shark. The character was in part inspired by a dream of that image… you wouldn’t think you could get scarier than a great white shark about to bite you… try dreaming a ghostly human head inside the mouth glaring at you…

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